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[New User] Wood Splinter Problem


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Hello, I'm new to Houdini and 3D in general.

I'm trying to make some demo reel pieces and I've decided my first project would be to split some wood!

I used Boolean fracturing technique to cut a box into splinters, and then assembled them into Packed Geometry. Then I did dual constraint set-up taught by Steven Knipping, where I have an inside glue (STRONG) and an outside glue (WEAK).

I then brought everything into the DOP network to simulate.

But as you can see from the video I've attached things are not going well. 

The initial hit is doing alright, but once the big piece lands on the ground (when it should be resting), it bursts on its own without further influence. I'm guessing the forces there are exceeding the inside glue and causing the pieces to propel outwards pushing others with them.


Anyways, really would love some feedback on this first test and perhaps some solutions on how to fix the issue I'm encountering.

I've attached the HIP file as well, if you can also point out the things I am doing wrong and how to improve the setup, that'd be greatly appreciated! ^_^



Brush everyday.

plank.hipnc - 362.7KB

woodSplinter.mov - 1.8MB

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