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VEX cabinet generator


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hi, have you tips for a vex beginner?

This is a node configuration of a cabinet generator. it has a fixed number of drawers. I could not find a solution for any number of drawers with the nodes. I also find my configuration cumbersome.

That's why I want to do it with vex. But unfortunately I failed with my first attempts. Important is to use different modelled detailed meshes as drawers for this generator.

Maybe you have an idea.




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Are you wanting the cabinet to be always filled but the height variable? Do you need to be able to set the width of every drawer? Do you need to account for empty space as well or are all of these things just a way to fix the model?

Also do you have any experience with vex (or coding) at all?

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Width, height and depth should be variable. The cabinet must not always be filled. The drawer width only has to scale with the cabinet. Hiding the drawers individually is generally interesting.

Vex is my first language. I have already looked at some basic things, but I still need many examples, inspirations and techniques. But I also have a look at some things on cgwiki.



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