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Randomize Const. Activation

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I want to knoe if there is a way to randomizze the cosnt Activation for turn off and on the Constant Activation on the pop source?

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Yes, the expressions functions of Houdini works everywhere you have parameters. You can even open the Editor and switch to Python expressions.

The syntax or if statement is always if(condition, value if condition is true, value if condition is false).

Rand(seed value) is a pseudo random function : given a seed value, it will return a randomly chosen float between 0 and 1, but this float will always be the same for a given seed value (which is normal : if you want to render your files on different Machines, you need to have the same results each you open your scene file :-). I have used the frame number variable $F to get a new random value every frame. 

So yes, very standard expression you play with everywhere.

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