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Boolean shatter


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Trying to replicate https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/boolean-shatter/

What kind of geometry is expected for the input A ? When A is a box, I have a working setup by marking abseams in shatter then polybevel that abseams group.

When A is something else, like a polyextruded curve, I have a bevel between the two surfaces, and the two surfaces are in the output geometry.

Can you give me an example of a box being used to draw a groove on a polyextruded surface ?

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The object you want to cut or Boolean goes into A, so unless you want to Boolean a curve, the curve should probably go into the second input B. I included two examples in the hip file, one is cutting a box shape out of another box, the other is cutting a curve out of a box. Is this the kinda of effect you were after?


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