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I've waste all week tried to create some rbd sim in Maya but I can't, and this is becouse of software. Now I'll try to recreate it in Houdini.

Just wanna say for anybody who want to use Maya for rbds - DONT USE IT !!! Just read my notes from this project and you'll understand why:



wow.. are you serious? I mean there is no need to put down particular software for a personal reason.NOT everyone have a chance to work with houdini in reality and sometimes you have to accomplish with whatever tool you have in your hand. .It is all about how you use it .And I checked out your notes .. very nice . :rolleyes:

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Rafal123, people can go at each other as to how softwares are crappy.

Softwares are not created by Gods, but rather human beings, who well are never perfect, so how do you expect the stuff that we create to be perfect?

I realize that you are having issues with maya, but have you tried doing the same thing in houdini? You may get everything working in houdini, but I can assure you there will be a whole new set of problems you will face in houdini that you will never face in maya and vice versa.

Also rbds are used for situations where you want the computer to decide the outcome of an animation.... you can try doing other methods like hand animation...

Sorry if I sound harsh, but altbighead hit the bulls eye with what he said.

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You have to learn to take a deep breath on this stuff, there's a hell of a lot of cg that goes just the way you describe in your notes. When you try and do something "tricky" there are a lot of dead ends and you often hit bugs that no-one else ever found, especially if its the first time you are doing something. That's way you need good R&D time to sort through it all.

I'm not going to slag off Maya cos I've never used it, but I have found in Houdini you can hit very similar problems but there is always some way round it and slowly, slowly Houdini is getting more and more solid to work with.

However I bet DOPs has a slew of bugs in it just because it is so new, it won't be til a ton of people have banged there heads on their desks a lot that you'll do a sim like you describe without a single problem.

Good luck getting this working and take some time to chill, this stuff doesn't get and easier when you get frustrated with it.

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