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Group Entire Object By Position


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hey all

i'm importing an entire model of rocks from XSI using a file SOP, and i want to group certain rocks based on their position, ie, top rocks, bottom rocks,

when i use an expression that checks its height, i get the points or primitives selected, and not the whole object

how can i group Entire objects based the position of a object?

thanks in advance

aracid :blink:

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Give this a try too:

After you have a Group SOP that has only the partial points that you'd like, pipe in another Group SOP, make a point group, and go the Edges folder. There is a parameter called Edge Depth, crank that up very high (to cover each rock) and in the Point Group underneath, put in the partial points group from above.

Hope that helps.


P.S. In version 7.0 and before you can only put in one point, in later versions you can specify an entire point group. (Thanks to TheUsualAlex for that RFE :) ).

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