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OK this is a really stupid question but it's new to me and Houdini's Help search functionality is broken on my system so I can't find an answer.

what's this Director stuff about?

I open my textport and I see


instead of


The problem is that with this director thing I can't use standard Unix commands like cd or ls, instead I have to use opcf or opls. It's creating havok with some scripts I wrote that use the Unix style commands.

Can anyone explain what this is all about how to change the textport behaviour back and forth, and what is preferred in professional environments? I mean if I'm writing scripts at a production house should I limit the commands I use to HScript only? Or is it acceptable to write an HScript that uses Unix style commands.

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All these "amenities" are normally supplied when starting Houdini causes the script $HFS/scripts/123.cmd to be run. However, for various reasons, it might not. So take a look at the script for the commands you need. In particular, the "alias" and "prompt" commands. As lazy sort of way to get the functionality, you can just do "source 123.cmd" in the texport and then delete all those default objects.

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