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Macro Dialog Ui Doubts


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Hi all.

I am making some macro scripts to be called from the network editor context menu.

While making the dialog script, I have seen that the name and default statements must point to the same name or the dialog is not correctly loaded.

For example if i use:

name macro/ModelingAid.cmd
	label "Modeling Aid"
	default "macro/ModelingAid.cmd"

All works fine, but if i use these lines:

name macro/ModelingAid.cmd
	label "Modeling Aid"
	default "macro/ModelingAid2.cmd"

The script dialog still call to the macro/ModelingAid.cmd script not to macro/ModelingAid2.cmd.

Another problem is that i want to call to this script with an option parameter by default, i have tried:

name macro/ModelingAid.cmd
	label "Modeling Aid"
	default "macro/ModelingAid.cmd -p"

And obviusly doesn't work, i have to use:

name macro/ModelingAid.cmd -p
	label "Modeling Aid"
	default "macro/ModelingAid.cmd"

I get an error while trying to load the dialog script:

pablo@casiopea:~$ /home/pablo/houdini8.0/config/Scripts/SOPmacro.ds Error(18): script unknown identifier -p
/home/pablo/houdini8.0/config/Scripts/SOPmacro.ds Error(27): script unknown identifier type

So i have to use a param statement.

So how can I call to my script with the -p option by default?

How the default statement work?

Sorry for the large message.


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