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Get Value Of Parameter

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Guest xionmark
Hi All.

I have one question about HDK.

I have some objects of OP_Node class in my code and i know that objects are "bones". How can i get a value of bonelength parameter and value of translate parameter of they?



OP_Node is derived from OP_Parameters which has all the various "eval" methods to get values from GUI parameters. Check out some of the HDK examples, you'll find some good tidbits in there.

Have fun!


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This is quite easy

You need a pointer to the node you are interested in and then just call evalFloat on the channel

OP_Node *boneObj

//you need to make sure boneObj is pointing at something, but it sounds
//like you have this already


float foo = boneObj->evalFloat("length",0,time);

xionmark beat me to it....

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