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Painting Particles In Space


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Hi people!

I have an idea to use 'Paint' SOP for painting/putting particles in world space but I see now that it works only on geo. Does anybody have ideas how to make it works in 3d space or in ortographic view?


You can't really paint points in 3d with houdini. What I usually do is model a shape then use a popnet with

my source set to birth by volume. Once I have this I start prunning the points.

hope that helps.


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thanks for info guys

I thought there r some ways to connect 'location' pop with 'paint' sop but maybe I'm wrong :huh:


uheueuheu, guys actually I found another way, just put 'location' pop press play and in the persp view use 'pose' tool to do something like particle painting, also set the 'variance' attribute of 'location' to zeroes B)

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