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can we get normalized curvature of a volume?

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Hi, I was reading this thread;


I checked file "vol_curv.hipnc" and that's great, and I wonder if we can always output a normalized range mostly -1 to 1,  probably using voxel size info . I know it could be depends on polygon object and value could not reach max1 or min-1 all the time, but would not exceed -1 ot +1.

For instance, it sets  vdbfrompolygons1>voxel 0.2, and vdb analysis' curvature shows the range -1 to 10. When it sets voxel size to 0.1, curvature range become -3 to 14, etc. I know, after calculating curvature, we can normalize it by a fit node. But it would be great to output normalized curvature approximately -1 to 1 in all the time, regardless voxel size. 


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Feel free to send in an RFE to SideFX. Your request will get lost in the forums here. 


I think you may be looking to work with SDF Volumes? Otherwise perhaps just asking for a stock HDA that fits/normalizes for you.




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Hi, LaidlawFX

Thanks for your reply. I will write RFE to sidefx, thanks

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