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Vex volume procedural density doesn't scale

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I am doing pcopen in cvex to to render points as volume but for some reason I am not able to scale the density as much as I want. It looks like it is clamping the density values and doesn't allow me to go higher. When I use smaller IFD bounds this problem fixes itself but also it cuts my overall object. Also vex volume procedural doesn't seem to work with new mat context. 

Thanks for the solutions,


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it's because the render quality is related to bounding box size. larger box = larger ray step size

compensate by adjusting volume step rate on mantra ROP or add that parameter on your volume procedural (so not every volume in your scene gets sampled higher)

hope that helps :)


edit: and it does work just fine with the mat context. what exactly is your issue there?

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yes you're right. i cant get it to work in mat either. But for cvex stuff I'm using the shop context anyway, kinda to have it separate from the standard material stuff.

Anyway interesting find. Would love to know how to make it work though

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