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Service Pack 2? Graphic Card Drivers?


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I have a problem. Not so long ago Houdini worked OK, but then I have updated graphic card drivers (Omega drivers, Radeon 9000) and have installed service pack 2 (WinXP). After this houdini crashes at startup, not exactly Houdini but it looks like it is License administration (hkey.exe). It pops up for a while, its window is black with close button and red 0 in upper right corner. I had version 8.0.410-win, so i upgraded to version 8.0.474 and I still have same problems. And there's another annoying problem. Those numbers in upper right corner are in other apps too, usually in viewports and it looks like they're showing FPS. Any ideas?

Sorry for my English and have a nice day :)

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SP2 is fine. It'll just keep popping up these windows that you have to keep telling it to unblock. It sounds more like graphics driver problems though. What if you went back to the latest official ATI Catalyst driver?

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