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Light Linker And Otls Issue

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Hi all.

If you use OTLs that contains Geometry OBJ, the most common case I think; If you want to use the light linker you have a great problem. At least I have it.

Import your OTL, so you can't access to the internals, ok you can but it isn't the problem, the you use the light linker and you can select/unselct you Geometry OBJ a,d link/unlink them to your lights.

The problem here is, like you can't access to the Geometry OBJ the linker neither, you you think that you have linked your lights but actually nothing is done.

Any ways to solve it?


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The embedded geometry objects appear disabled in the light linker, so I suspect that you shouldn't be able to change their state. The fact that you can is a bug.

In order to be able to manage these embedded objects using the light linker, you can export the light mask parameter to the top level asset. The light linker will hopefully follow the channel references to modify the top level mask.

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