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Viscous fluid trail


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Hello Houdini people :)

I am trying to simulate a very viscous sticky fluid wrapping around and hanging from a sphere but never fully dropping of it. The sphere moves around and I want the fluid to pull trails but be stuck to the object.

I am kind of struggling with the approach and was wondering if anyone had any input of any kind? I have tried advecting particles by smoke and killing them off quickly to cause the Illusion of a trail but its not really what I want. I also played with surface tension and just normal trails but I feel its not going anywhere. 


I'm happy and really grateful about input of any kind :)


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You might have better luck with POP Grains constrained together into chains, or with wires. Check out the shelf tool "Granular Strand" for an example: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/granularstrand.html

You could convert these particles into an SDF post-simulation and merge them with a FLIP surface if you need to mix it with an existing meshed fluid simulation.

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