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PyQt5 in Houdini for use with python panel


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I currently have an issue when I tried to make my python panel with PyQt5. I tried at first to make it using the hutil.Qt module but I don't manage to get the connection to my database of object working ("SQLITE" driver not loaded). So I made a test outside of Houdini using python 2.7.15 and PyQt5, and it's working fine. 

After that, I tried to load PyQt5 inside of Houdini (so I copied the folder PyQt5 from my source-packages of my python 2.7.15 to the houdini python) but I get an error. I can import PyQt5 but as soon as I want to import QtCore for example, it is not working anymore with this error: the DLL failed to load.Is there something special to make PyQt5 working with Houdini?

Thanks in advance



After spending more time trying to get that working, I saw that the problem is coming from hython. I am on Windows so I can't change and use my OS version which is working fine. I tried to load the module using python inside of "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 16.5.476\python27" and this is working, I can get PyQt working. If I try the same thing with hython, this is not working, here is the error: DLL load failed: cannot find specified procedure 

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added more details after more invastigation
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