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Geometry attribute Array examples

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Hi to all,
Its been long time since I actually had to use Houdini.
Someone can help me with link or example to the following  .

I want to round every weight float attribute in the boneCapture array.

looking for example to all methods , such as
Attribute Wrangle

Also - I tried to access the point array attribute but i`m not really understand how i`m write it down  \ what is the  type of the attribute .from looking on the spreadsheet.

thank you for the help




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for rounding attribute values you can use several vex functions. for instance, in wrangle SOP: 

@attribute = int(@attribute); 

this will round individual values to the closest integer

otherwise there is floor() and ceil() functions that will round values down and up respectively.

for arrays, not sure what exactly you need, but you may want to check out this article that covers basic arrays manipulation in wrangle SOP: https://wordpress.com/view/vfxbrain.wordpress.com

hope that helps. cheers, D.

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