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Gsculpt - Open Source Procedural Modeller


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I have recently released gSculpt v0.99.5-alpha.

gSculpt is an open source, procedural 3d modelling application.

It is still alpha release, so early days yet.

It can be found at http://gsculpt.sourceforge.net.

It only runs on Linux at the moment.

I would be interested in any feedback with regards to peoples experience with compiling it (it is available in source form only at the moment) and using it.

It is written in Python and C++.

Its procedural nature (the operations required to build a model from scratch are accessible in a list) means that it should be pretty good for making modelling tutorials, as you can scan through the construction procedure, while viewing the model from any angle.

I hope that those of you who try it have fun with it.


Mr. Meanie

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