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Agents climbing on defomrig object. Changing parent joint

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So I have agents that are climbing using a locomotive clip. Each hand pulling the rest of the body up and the other etc. At the moment the way I have it having the pivot set to the hand joint for the first pull up. Then I'm using xyzdist to find the closest prim on the deforming object. Then I use primuv to have the agent hook onto that. This only works for the initial pull up, once it tries to pull it's self up with the other hand it just stays on the same location.


I need a way to switch the pivot of the agent to another and keep the already moved up position of the previous frame when the other hand is locked in place. A more advanced way would be able to tell when the other hand is moving etc but i;d be fine with just inputting that data for now.


Anyone got some ideas how I can achieve this. I've been trying to get this to work with solvers and getting the position of the other joint on the frame before it needs to change but using that to offset the next hand is not working. I think I was probably on the right track but my comprehension of the solver node is spotty and just gives me a headache.

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