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Texturing Subd Models Workflow, Anyone?


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OK, this is a workflow question more than a technology question. I'm very comfortable with the tools available, I'm clearly not putting them together right :)

What's the best workflow for texturing models that will be rendered as SubD ,or run through a Subdivide SOP to get vertex smoothing? Applying the UVs to the cage pre-SubD appears to suck, the textures distort (as I would expect) from the SubD.

Is there any good resource discussing this for other packages? A book, video, whatever. Any help appreciated :)


Peter B

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Hey, this one got me stumped for a long time.. why wouldn't it be possible to texture your low-poly model and have the subd respect the edges properly? This is a common workflow in other packages. A bug report has been filed and acknowledged by sesi, but looking thru their journals and trying out the latest build, no fix yet. Isn't this a VERY important feature? Or does all the big houses use Maya to model and texture in, in wich case this problem might not appear? To me this would be a major pain if used in production. UV Texturing at level 1 can be really painfull if 0 stage is already fleshed out quite a bit...



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