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Instance packed alembic

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I hope someone here can help me understand how I can access packed alembic geo.

I have 2 sets of alembic files. One which is a point cloud where the points have a attribute called "inst_obj" and the second alembic contains the geo which should be instanced to those points. I could use a single alembic for each geo, but it would be more handy if I could have the geo in a single alembic file. I just can't figure out how to access the attribute and instance out the corresponding geo. 

Does it make sense?

(simple alembic files are attached)

best regards






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hi, find the example scene attached. i just created a random integer attribute (with maximum at packed alembics count in your file) that was identifying a packed point not to be deleted at that particular template point. while instancing packed alembics works i experienced weird scene refresh issues which made it seem not to work. i'm unsure whether that is an issue of the particular build i'm using or something else. anyways, just be aware this may be working oddly (looks like a bug to me). btw. your bblock_pos.abc contained 0 points so i used a grid for the template. cheers.

instance packed abc.hiplc

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Thanks David!

It helped me a bit. The pos abc does have points in it, you just need to have both shape and transform enabled and you will see the locator shapes positions. In your example you are using copy to points. I should have also added that I'm going to use Arnold so I need to use the instance node.

Anyhow, thanks a bunch for that example!





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