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Setting $HOME location elsewhere

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Hello everybody,

I got a problem with default environement variable in Houdini, my home directory path contains special character ("é"). Yeah I know it's bad. This make some errors on startup and some stuff doesnt work. Is there a way to set this prefs directory elsewhere?

Thanks in advance !

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Hello Tosh,

Welcome to the forum. I'm guessing you are in France too.

So I would hate to say I would recommend for you to remove the special character from your $HOME variable. Which means that if your user name contains C:\Users\usérnamé (on windows) to change your username to an e without accent. Hopefully you do not take this personal as I'm guessing the variable is your name. I actually converted my french install to windows for some of these reason to work easily with Houdini.

You can send in a RFE to SESI to handle letters with accent in them, or to present the user with a warning prior to crash about this. However as most programming does not take into account accents I do not know how they could make enough exceptions to handle it, as it's a more pervasive programming issue.

As far as work around. Try setting HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR help and link below this will explain it. Plus a post about someone else went through the same issue. Good Luck




The directory to store user preference files. The value of this variable must include the substring __HVER__, which will be replaced at run time with the current MAJOR.MINOR version string. On Windows and Linux, this defaults to the expanded value of $HOME/houdini__HVER__. On Mac OSX, it will also use this default if the directory exists, else it uses the expanded value of $HOME/Library/Preferences/houdini/__HVER__.

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