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Turbulent Noise

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hey peeps,

another quick question!! i've plugged a Turbulent Noise VOP into the nN of the Lighting VOP and it turns the whole thing black?!

I know there are millions of VOP's available and i keep getting stuck for example i never know where to connect them!! is there any way of finding out where it should be connected to? like a list of examples? so i don't keep asking about every VOP i need!

I know the VOPs i need to use, i lay them out, but there is no clear indication where it should be connected.

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if you will understand what IS the specific VOP you will know in general how to use it and where to plug it. There is no strict purpose of any VOP (except output) since VOPs are the front-end of small programming language called VEX. Would you ask what is division or multiplication in math for? The same here. Try video tutorialas on VOP form Sydney-Labs, 3dbuzz etc and you will find your way to VOP.. and vex in general!

see you there,


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