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Disable When / Hide When parameter equal to parameter

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Given two string parameters I tried to check if they are equal to disable another parameter, but doesn't work atm.

{ parma == "" } works
{ parmb == "" } works
{ parma == parmb } doesn't work

Any idea why?

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Here is the documents on this. In short, they can an only look at the resolved values, i.e. a local referenced parameter on the left, and a static value on the right.


So you could do { parma == "" parmb == "" } this would mean they both need to be true in order to work an (and) operation. Or if { parma == "" } { parmb == "" } would be an (or) operation. You can also do ==, !=, <, >, >=, <=, =~ (matches pattern), !~ (doesn’t match pattern) as additional operations. What is a actually quite common is to make a parameter that is invisible (or under a hidewhen under an advanced set of options) that you can use to hide and disable parameter and folder menus.


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@LaidlawFX Thanks I visited this page but didn't notice that. I guess I'll an expression on a hidden param and that is a resolved value I can then use as conditional. Thanks!

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