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Does "primgroup" in class makes sense in findattribval() ?

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it's not a group scope, its literally for treating groups like an attribute

so if you say... "prim", "attribname", value ... it will find @primnum whose attribname value is the same as your value

and ... "primgroup", "groupname", value ... will find @primnum whose grupname membership is the same as your value (0 or 1)

so in your case I'd assume you'd do:

findattribval(0, "primgroup", "prims", 1) ;

however it doesn't seem to do what it says, I'd assume it'll give you 2 as that is the first @primnum with the prims group of value 1, but I was always getting -1, it feels like a bug

you can always use 

expandprimgroup(0, "prims")[0];

even though it may be slower


However I assume you were hoping for group scope to limit which prims the findattribval() is searching, so I'm afraid that's not implemented

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