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Composite COP node in HDA crashes Houdini

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Hey there.

I am trying to read a heightmap, do some changes to a specific area and then write it back out again.

I am making it a specific area because an 8x8k heightfield seems a bit too heavy.

Unfortunately, when trying to use a Composite COP Node to compose the changed area back on the original image, it leaves big black bars, freezes Houdini, or just instantly kills Houdini.

On trying to export it all with the ROP File Output node, it just g ives a bake error.

Could anyone have a quick peek and see if there is something obviously wrong with my setup?

I imagine it is because I am new to the program and am doing something fundamentally wrong with the way I build graphs.

The attached HDA needs a heightmap and that's about it. The Composite node is in [HDA]/TerrainTileOut/Output_Texture/ where it's the second last node.



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