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Found 11 results

  1. Hey forum! So i'm loving the houdini terrain/height masking tools (Rohans tutorials are so good!). I'd like to take a mask that I'm creating via the 'Height mask by feature SOP', and make it a standard geometry group so that I can scatter onto it. This is what my mask looks like: How would you go about turn this into a point or primitive group? If that is not possible - does anyone have any ideas about how I could scatter along this surface? Thanks a lot Sam
  2. - Hello all, So I know you can project objects onto heightfields etc. But want to make use of the heightfield erode node and a few others BUT not on the default heightfields; On a separate imported model. Ive tried converting my model into a volume and adding a height attribute which gets me so far but not the results that I would say are working at all. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas or thoughts or even reference/documents they could point me in the direction of?:) [I also tried unlocking the heightfield otl and inputting my geo into the volumes directly but I get a flat plane currently - but this flat plane is affected by heightfield nodes so I guess I just need to re-engineer the volume conversion to not just work as a flat plane but that could be a problem as I guess heightfields were made to work on a plane basis and extrude later on? - So heightfields work as a 2d volume and I imagine I'm going to need a 3d volume in order to convert my mesh into a heightfield ] - After looking inside the default heightfield nodes I'm pretty sure my process should be something like. - Import geo for heightfield - Convert geo to volume and give scalar height attribute, (and no doubt some other stuff I'm currently missing) - Use volume creation to make use of heightfield sops. Thanks C
  3. LAS file to polygon

    hi first post here and i'm still new to houdini coming from softimage. i was wondering if there is a way to convert lidar data (.las) to geometry (polygon). there is very little documentation on the lidar subject so far and maybe someone has some insight how to handle lidar in houdini. any pointers are much appreciated thank you
  4. Hi - I'm struggling to find a tutorial that explains the workflow for exporting a large heightfield terrain as tiles. I'm unsure where I would use a tilesplit/splice node for example - before or after my erode node? If I have a large terrain with many voxels, the erode takes a lot of memory. Can I use a tile split node before the erode to make the computation less demanding per tile, and somehow iterate over the individual tiles, exporting each tile's maps along the way? If I try to compute the erode on a very large terrain all at once, my pc runs out of memory. I would really appreciate any tips, links or advice you might be able to offer on appropriate workflows for working with large terrains and exporting tiled maps. Thank you Bryan
  5. Heightfield Tile

    Hi I am trying to create a Heightfield Terrain with a single Hi-Res tile closest to the camera and as it is Houdini do this in a procedural way so that the tile can be changed dynamically, maybe linked to the camera. I am investigating doing this through a 'for each loop' but if there is an easier way I would love to know. The crop tool and the tile tools seem to be lacking an inverse toggle? I have probably missed something simple but if I work it out first I'll post the file for others anyway. It seems to me to be a useful workflow technique.
  6. Is there a way to assign the visualization colors from the heightfield_visualize or the heightfield_erode nodes to a @Cd point attribute? I'm not sure where to access the colors as there are no materials assigned to the terrain geo, no uv's and no Cd attribute. thanks B
  7. Creating terrain in houdini

    Hello everyone, I recently started using houdini and I think I have fallen in love with it. That aside, I'm currently working on creating terrain for an animation but I got stuck. The reference I'm using is this. Up until this point I used a mountain sop with colour attribute and a vop sop to give it a bit more detail. Doesn't look very good though. Question is, would anyone have suggestions on how to approach making it? a thank you in advance!
  8. Contour Lines to surface

    Hi, Is it possible in houdini to get a surface out of these contour lines? kind regards Jon
  9. I recently came across this student project by Niels van Diermen that I thought was interesting. Has anyone else tried creating terrain for use in a game engine using Houdini and Houdini Engine? http://www.nielsvdiermen.com/?portfolio=procedural-terrain-generation-in-unreal-with-the-houdini-engine
  10. Hi All, I have my first success with generating objects using Python in Houdini and I thought I post a couple of images. The concept is that an ASCII based maze is generated internally with gaps and walls. The code converts gaps into roads and walls into grass. At each step in the maze neighbors are examined and a different tile type is used that fits requirement for that space in the maze. ASCII View: Top View: Camera View: The Basic Tile Set: pieces that make up the final image.
  11. Houdini Landscape Generation

    Hello Everybody, I have been dipping in and out of houdini for a short while and am by all means still an amateur, decided to look again at generating a procedural landscape based upon a height map input. I have cobbled together elements from a few tutorials to get to the stage I am at. I have terrain generated via a height map, a paint system for my trees and grass created based upon height and slope angle. I am looking for ways to improve what I have created so far, so I have included all files into the zip that I haved used to get where I am. The attached file excludess the height map, so please use your own, but the link below includes the height map to use if you wish. If you can sugest ways to improve what I already have, or elements I can add to make it a better system please let me know. You can download the file here (33Mb) or in the attached file. Help and suggestions will be very much appreciated. Cheers, Dusty Houdini_Landscape.zip