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Freelance Houdini artist needed for sand storm FX (Remote)

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Hi everyone,


We're looking for a Houdini artist with expertise in creating a sand storm as quickly as possible for a Sci-Fi series call Space Command.

This is a remote work, which means we do need to get in touch with you and speak via Skype.

Please send your reel and your resume as well as a way for us to contact you.

We are located in Los Angeles.

We have access to render farm

Let me know if you have any questions


Thank you


Amin Eftekhar




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I am keen in working on your project. I am located in London (UK), I have a huge experience in FX, and know Houdini very well: I would propose a mix of pyro, particles, grain solver. I have experience with snow storms and sand falls. 

Please visit my website where you should find my contact details: http://www.coclea.eu

I rather not attached my resume to this message, but I would be happy to send it to you in a private email.

Best regards.



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