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Bullet packed primitive - inherit color on collision


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I'm looking for a way of inheriting color on collision while using bullet and packed primitives.
Let's say I have an object colored white - and I would like every single object that it touched to be colored white as well. Prefereabli those new "infected" object would  infect others on collision.
I did some search, found some topics on POPs using  "hit count" - but nothing regarding bullet.

Could you just point me in the right direction? Some use of collision data?



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You can link up pop collision into the presolve of the rbd solver, set collision target to DOPS and DOP objects to *rbd* (if you haven't renamed your packed objects). By messing around with the default particle size you can get it to detect collisions for RBDs. It gives you all the hit attributes, as exactly how to use that for the color changing..... I'm not sure!

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Thanks for some tips pisces and Amaya.

I'll have to explore both ways but I thing I'll strart with the impact data route since it promises having real collision data (no particle proxy). If I manage to get some results - I'll try to answer my own question.


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