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Simple Particle Collision Question


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hello folks

I am an apprentice user, just scratching the houdini surface.

A simple question for the houdini masters:

How to make instanced particles collide with objects using the instance geometry itself?


How to make instanced particles collide with itself?

do I need to use dops? or just pops its fine?

thx for your help

scene link

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Hey chrisedu.

I am not a houdini expert, and I would like to know how to do that too...

but I don't think you can do that in POPs.

Before I started learning houdini I was using another particle system, and did shape collisions with thousands of particles (realTime in vewport)...

It was a surprise for me that houdini can not.

If some one knows how to do shape collision in POPs, I would like to know as well.



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