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Curve collision


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Hello magicians,
i'm trying to do a curve collision in VEX, using volume sample and volume gradient for calculating collisions.
i would like to understand how implement the original curve restlength in my VEX code, as you can see of course the curve stretch until now.
Any suggestion, link, idea ?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Reyan,

if you search for volume sample in the forum you will find good explanations about these vex functions and how they operate , 

dont know if understood your question right ,

from what i understand ,

distance to the point = volume sample,

and the gradient calculates the direction towards the point,

to get the curve collision, your code could be reduced to this ,

float volume_sample = volumesample(1,0,@P);
vector volume_gradient = volumegradient(1,0,@P);
if(volume_sample <= 0)
@P -= normalize(volume_gradient)*volume_sample;

and the if you plug the ray sop , it does the same thing






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