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Omar Wanis

Houdini PC Build ($1200 - 1600$)

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Hey guys, I need to get a new PC and i have only (1200$-1600$) to spend, so this is my build so far:

- CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700 (8 cores - 3.2 up to 4.1 GHz - 20 MB Smart cache)
- RAM: 48 or 64 GB RAM DDR4
- Storage: 2 TB HDD - 240 GB SSD
- Board: B350 Gaming

What do you think given the price limit? Is the GPU enough for the purpose (especially if i started using Redshift in the future)? Is SATA SSD good enough or I need M.2? Is the Board good enough when i need to upgrade in the future?
If you would recommend I squeeze a little more money, what for?



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