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Output for HDA


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Hi there,

While developing HDA, is it possible to create Output on the fly, say, according to the number of input(at least one or many)?

I've tried to write python codes on OnInputChangd event for HDA, which can be created successfully. But it said the content of locked HDA can't be altered when I use it. It makes sense. Then, I put Output node between For-Loop structure instead and it may create arbitrary outputs dynamically according to requirement. However, the source of each output shows invalid and this HDA can't be created successfully. So this For-Loop method doesn't work either. 

Any suggestion to tackle with this issue? Thank you in advance.

Best regards!

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You can do a lot of pythonic hack to make this possible with an HDA, allow editing of contents, place down outputs, re save the hda, etc. 

However, I would highly recommend not doing this, and using an attribute or a group as your data split. Houdini is not really designed to have dynamic outputs. 

Think of the HDA more like a tool, or a python module itself. Most tools have standard ins and outs. You don't change how to use a tool, you change the tools with the options.

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