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What's your opinions on putting tech fix shoes on your reel?

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I was talking about this to a friend of mine and he raised some valid points about being able to put shots in your reel that you didn't create the setup for, nor the shot itself but you helped it in some way, i.e. tech fixes. He was arguing that similar to a how an FX Lead can put ANY shots in his reel and just put "Lead" on the description of the shot, artists can also show shots that they helped in some way.

For example:

1. If the creator of a setup was struggling to figure out a problem, and you figured it out for him, you may show any shots that uses this setup as "tech fix".

2. If you creator of a setup or a shot used a tool you made to create the final effect, where he didn't have the knowledge, time or means to create it himself, you may show the shot in question or any shots that uses this setup as "tool".

Is this an acceptable practice? Or is it frowned upon in the industry?

I have seen a few reels that not only did this but also put these sort of shots at the beginning of their reels rather than the very end as you might.

I am not looking to do this, but would love to hear opinions about this topic from other VFX artists.


Thanks :)

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i think you can put anything on your reel as far as you don't lie about your actual contribution :) 

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Yea, I'm with David on this one. As long as you're not being deceiving about your contribution it's fine and fair to have it in your reel.

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