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Hey everyone!

I recently finished up a tutorial on creating game ready procedural rocks assets for UE4 Hopefully you can learn a thing or two on my process and feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions, critique, or questions about anything you see!

Video preview

Free Demo version:

Full version:

                       8 Video Chapters

                       Project file (.hip)

                      Hi/lowres meshes+maps

                     Houdini 16.5+, Unreal Engine 4

                     Chapter_1_Base_Shape 26 min

                     Chapter_2_VDB_Setup 4 min

                     Chapter_3_Detailing 12 min

                     Chapter_4_Texturing 21 min

                     Chapter_5_Remesh 10 min

                     Chapter_6_LOD's 9 min

                     Chapter_7_Save_File 15 min

                     Chapter_8_Bake 4 min

Difficulty :

                    Recorded video chapters

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On 27.10.2018 at 8:23 AM, Saber said:

Nice work.
I'm just a bit suprised that you are charging  $150 for 101 minutes (6+4+12+21+10+9+15+4)?
I have a free talk that i gave at siggraph you may wanna check it out.


Thank you!

Duration does not really matter... in my opinion.  

The obtained result it's more important.


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