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Copying Network Dots and other Network Items to Clipboard

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Am trying to automate the copying of a selection of nodes and dots to the clipboard..

If you copy these items manually using Ctrl-C then then it will correctly paste all the nodes and items together in the same network tree. 

Before network dots were introduced it was possible to do this in Python using:

hou.copyNodesToClipboard(hou.selectedNodes()) - however this doesn't include any items, so the dots aren't included and your network chain breaks if you paste this into your scene again.

It also doesn't seem possible to pass the items to the Clipboard with this function using: 

hou.copyNodesToClipboard(hou.selectedItems())  - returns a Type error.

So I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue, and if there's a function in HOM I'm missing, or a sensible workaround etc? Feels like if Ctrl-C works there should be something that can be done. 





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Hey man,

Did you try to use the node.copyItems ?

# Get all the selected nodes including dots
sel_items = hou.selectedItems()

# Get the node to copy the selected items to
copy_to_node = hou.node("/obj/geo1")

# To copy the selected items to your node

This should copy all the selected nodes including the dots on to whichever node you specify.

Hope this helps :)




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