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bullet_add_impact attribute

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I am trying to get the "bullet_add_impact" attribute to work .  I need to record the impact data of each packed object so that I can isolate it after I import .

 In the help files for the rbd packed object it has a list of attributes houdini recognizes in dops and one of them is the "bullet_add_impact".

It says :
When enabled, any impacts that occur during the simulation will be recorded in the Impacts or Feedback data. Enabling this option may cause the simulation time and memory usage to increase.

However, when I initialize this attribute in sops . it still does not create any impact attributes when I import ... Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I have to import it in another way??

 I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look.

Thank you.


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Not sure that you have to use a seperate bullet_add_impact attribute as you can just turn it on using the Bullet tab on the geometry in the dopnet. With it on, you can then try using the same mechanism the DOP SOP Solver uses to grab the Impact records from the bullet sim i.e. DOP Import Records. Not sure if that's what you wanted but it does seem to work..



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