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parameters not added with #pragma

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I cant figure out how to get Houdini to add Parameters for arguments of my main function. My understanding is that:

#pragma label test "Test"
#pragma export test all
fun_ction(float test=1; export vector P=0)
    P *= (vector)test;

should expose a float parameter labelled ''Test" to the UI. However, if I create a node with this definition there are no parameters added based on the code. I can add them manually in the Operator Type Properties but I would rather have them defined in VEX.

Edit: It must have something to do with the mat context. Creating the asset in shop context in h16.5 works just fine.


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so it seems to me that this has been moved to the Input/Output section of the Operator Type Properties. You can hit the 'Create/Update Inputs From Parameters' option and hook that up with parameters inside a material builder node.

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