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Sort Points by UV

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Hey guys,

I need to sort points by UV, cylindrian, to get clean prim normals for extrude, sweep or skin ... for further use.

Everything seems to be fine except of one side which doesnt get the right sort... this has a bad effect on extrude, sweep or skin.
Take a look on the last node, "edit node".

After a quick UV viewport check i noticed that one side has a different length than the rest. Everything happens after sort... i dont know why.




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I am not sure what are you aiming for. Do you really need to have your uv project inside the loop? If you move it outside just before of the foreach_begin2 it gets skinned correctly.

If you must use the uvproject inside the loop you can put a second uv project outside of it and assign a different name for the attribute instead of "uv" and use this one for get the correct sort of the points.

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Hey @Andrea,

thank you so much for your response! The "UV project" outside the loop driven by a new "attribute" name was the solution for my sorting Problem.

But somehow it doesnt solve my main Problem. The goal is to extrude/copyStamp with prim normals looking outside or inside. 

The "UV project" inside the loop seems to work except for one side...


My aim is:

1: To seperate the sides with the loop. "done"

2: Margin the sides and resample the middle part. "done"

3: Loop once again for more iterations at the middle part. "prim normals issue"



I've attached a new file. 



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