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Is the SORT tool somehow broken?


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I try to sort the point order on a polyline, but "sort by vertex order" doesn't give me the desired result. So far I always had the feeling that it worked like I expected it, that it takes one point at the end of the polyline and then sort all other points from there, giving you a rising amount of integers over the course of the line. Well, it doesn't. Converting it to a curve didn't work at all, rather giving you more artefacts and point lying on top of each other. No change to the point order.

Anybody a clue???


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O.k., when using the measure tool I realized that my geometry created with CONVERTLINE consists out of many small primitives, contrary to e.g. the geometry created by the LINE tool (just one primitive). I guess if I need to find a way how to merge the two point polygons into one primitive I'm there, but neither FUSE nor POLYDOCTOR seem to do it.

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Apart from the join sop, you could also use the polyPath sop, which is more flexible in my opinion.

The join sop only works if all the vertex numbers are in the correct order (and only merging connecting pieces requires extra nodes)
the polyPath, just requires pre-fusing the points.

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