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Dealing with dense geo in sims

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Can someone help me better understand making sim scenes more efficient when dealing with dense geo?

An issue with Redshift displacement* means I may be forced to work with the full character geo as opposed to a subdivided base mesh with displacement/normal maps from ZBrush.

Running ops on the high res model is pretty painful, so I'm trying to optimize on a per-shot basis by deleting unseen geo.

In the attached file I've subdivided Tommy a bit to simulate a dense model (I couldn't do any more because it made the file too big to post, so let's pretend Tommy is really, really dense wink.png ). I've added the network I'm testing to speed things up. Is this a setup that makes sense? It seems to be faster but I'm not sure if there are better ways to do this.

Any help would be great. Thanks!


*(The issue with Redshift displacement is that it shows cracks on fractured geo in the rest position before anything has even moved; there's no means of passing the displacement direction like the workaround in Mantra)


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