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getbbox_size - what input does it expect?

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Hey guys, 

I'm trying to learn VEX a bit more and for an experiment I wanted to do I want to get the bounding box size of the first input in my wrangle node. 
But I just get an error and don't understand what I've done wrong - any and all help in appreciated! 

vector getpointbbox_size(0, @ptnum);


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vector size;
size = getpointbbox_size(0);

It expects an input Geometry and outputs the size of the entire thing. So it doesn't need any other argument.

note, that "getpointbbox_size" only looks at the points. you can use "getbbox_size" to check for everything in your input geo. From the help:

"getpointbbox_size is the same as getbbox_size except it only computes the bounding box of the points. So if a primitive has extents that don’t have points (for example, the boundary of a primitive sphere), they will not be included in the box."

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