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Smoothing volumes


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Hi, I'm fairly new to volumes so please bare with me..  
I'm enjoying creating some cool effects with Houdini volumes and Redshift by simply assigning a Redshift volume material and cranking up both the Scatter and Absorption coefficients of the density to get some cool sci-fi-ey gaseous effects where the volume has an appearance of being quite thick bodied yet translucent.  The problem is that dialling up the density like this in the material means the voxels become very defined.  So I'm wondering if I'm going about this the wrong way? Or is there a way to smooth my volume out?  Im aiming for a 4K output for a big screen so it will need to be very smooth. 
Ive tried cranking the voxel count to 600 (Max Axis), as you can see below still quite visible.  Also tried a Volume blur (and converting to VDB and using VDB Smooth), which helps a bit, but it loses the overall effect and still leaves a moire-ish pattern from the voxels.
Thanks for any suggestions

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Thanks for that.  
Sounds like from some other sources that RS does not have a similar feature.  However I need to stick with RS for fast render times.
So is brute force voxels the only way for me achieve a dense looking volume with no visible voxels?  Are there any tricks or tips you can suggest for keeping my voxel count high and volume smooth, without crushing my pc?  

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