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HDA: current displayed folder

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So I though about some cool feature that I could maybe utilize. For example the tool has 3 different folder tabs. Each is for different property of a tool. For example the first one is fior curves, the second for primitives and the next one... i dunno, maybe shader.

Can I somehow detect which folder is currently selected (assuming they are of Tabs type) so I can connect the switch sop to the output?

This way if you pick Curves Tab you can already see the curves you are working on, and so on, and so on. Ofcourse this might screw up the pipeline when someone leaves the hda on a wrong tab, but.... Is it possible?

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You can do this with a ch('') call to the folder name. The trick is you have to add 1 to the end of the folder name to access it, which is probably a bug.

For example if you had folders named 'test' on a node you could just do `ch('../test1')` to get the number of the tab that the ui is on.

You might want to make the folders radio buttons to make it clear to the user that what tab they are on matters, but I don't think you strictly HAVE to.

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