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rbd forces question


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Hello all,

I am trying to go a little more in depth with the rbd force nodes in houdini. I am working with the magnet force in particular. 

I have a constraint network with random constraints set to a strength of -1 which means it will never break. However, when I use the magnet force on this constraint network it breaks everything and does not respect the strength of -1.

Why is this ? How can I use the magnet force to respect the attributes I set to the constraints?

I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look.

Thank you


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In DOPs in your glue constraint relationship, make sure the Data name matches the constraint_name attribute exactly (case sensitive!).

In your scene, the glue cluster sets the name to uppercase "Glue", the glue constraint relationship has it's data name set to lowercase "glue". Make sure they both match exactly

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