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HS Scatter, intersection issue


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So Im testing this new owesome HS Scatter. Its great. However Ive found an issue I cannot solve in HS Scatter. Im not sure if thats a bug or maybe I just dont know how to make it to work properly.

So besically when Im scattering using source points option, the new points scattered intersect the points from the inherited tag. This is barely visible when the density is low. But when the density goes high you can see that the new points just scatter inside the origin onces, no matter how high the removing rate is or the outer radius.

For me its looks like the algorithm is not taking into the count that it can scatter the point too close to the points that is not the original "parent". So for every each point A is scattered few points B, and for this single group scattered from a single point, there is no intersection. But if there is a close point A2 to the origin A1,there might be some intersections for points B on A2.


I attached a screen. Red is the source point tag. Green are new new points. Im usuing a tube with radius = 0.5, so the width is 1. Red to not intersect with red. Green do not intersect with green. But some green intersect with red.


BTW This is even more visible when you dont do Match Normals With Terrain on a tarrain that is not flat. For example trees scattered on mountains


I mean its still doing great, but it would be great to be able to remove any intersections at all



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