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Is there any benefits in using an additional attribute over manipulating points/primitives by their numbers?

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Could somebody please explain, on  http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex I can't understand the reason behind "It's worth pointing out that if you're defining the groups yourself, you're better off using an attribute to identify the pieces, and use that to do your random whatevers." I mean, I don't understand are there any advantages in deleting(for example) some points/primitives by using additional attribute over deleting them by @ptnum/@primnum. 
Thanks in advance.

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The reason I can think of is consistency.

@ptnum of a given point might change if you delete or modify your geometry. If you define something like 

i@myID = @ptnum;

before you do any modification of the geo, and use @myID to generate random numbers, the result will stay the same, no matter if you delete points or change the point order.



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Aha! points/primitives are renumerated each time I delete some of them. It makes sense now, thanks!

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