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popnet explodes with collisions

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I'm trying to work out a simple debris sim with collisions. But when i add the collision object the particle system explodes with supper high velocities. its a simple rbd sim and then a debris source into a popnet. I create a vdb and geo for collisions. the collision guides look good inside the pop net. I don't understand why the particles don't just fall with gravity and collide with the collision object. I attached a test file. if anyone has some insight about this i would appreciate it. 


Screenshot from 2018-12-02 14-31-53.png

Screenshot from 2018-12-02 14-32-19.png

Screenshot from 2018-12-02 14-33-25.png

Screenshot from 2018-12-02 14-38-50.png

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So I didn't have @v on the collision geo. I guess you need that. 

thanks anyway. 

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