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Render layer setup

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Hello everyone,

Do Houdini can setup render layers like Maya do?

Example: primary visibility of an object, shadow casting, multiple id passes.

I have a habit that i usually render my object and effect separately and merge them together during post production. So that i will not need to re-render the whole scene in case of any revision is needed.

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Posted (edited)


ya the are called "extra images planes"

you can find this option in the render out put node.

just make the ones you wish to use and change the option etc...

exr , tiff ect...

and the ones you want etc...







Image planes.jpg

image planes.hipnc

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you can do Extra Image Planes as Mangi suggests, which are more like AOVs within one render pass (i.e. specular, diffuse, depth, etc) or you can do separate render passes that each have  it's own render settings and everything. that's done by simply creating more Mantra ROP nodes. within Mantra ROP (in Objects tab) you can specify which objects are rendered or excluded from rendering, which are contributing lights for the current ROP, objects that are only rendered as secondary rays or masked out in alpha. additionally you can force any object to have certain visibility settings regardless what Mantra ROP says (this can be set on the object itself in Render tab and Render>Shading tab). Also you can use Stylesheets to conveniently do object level or scene level material overrides (while each Mantra ROP can render different Stylesheets). in addition to this there is also a decent array of nodes that can manipulate object visibility on shader level (like shadow casting, treating object rays separately from light rays and stuff like that).  these features combined give you heaps of flexibility for any kind of render passes/AOVs you can think of.

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Thanks for the replies from mangi and davpe.

I will give it a try.

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