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Ice effect: Melt object layer by layer

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Hi all, 

So I'm still new to Houdini and I have this project I'm working on to melt ice.

I want it to look realistic and so I've decided to make it melt layer by layer (outwards in). I've scattered points on the object itself that act as melting points on the object however the result is not realistic and it doesn't melt the entire surface rather it goes through the object. I've attached an image showing a test with a sphere as the object to be melted, the white bits are the seeds that spread and activate the melting process(they spread through the object in a sphere manner rather than just spreading on the surface first then working their way inwards). 

So my question is, is there any way to group the outer layer of points of an object and make it keep updating so as the object transforms the outer layer will keep regrouping? OR is there any way to make the outside scattered points grow towards the center of the object (e.g. if I were to create a point in the center that attracts all the points surrounding it towards it)? 

Any feedback would be much appreciated :)

Also apologies if I don't make any sense.

Screenshot (105).png

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Posted (edited)

Hi, did you get anywhere with this? I have been trying to achieve a realistic ice melting look myself, however the ice doesn't look solid enough and the "water" from the melting is too viscous. 

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